Every Tuesday, we are super happy to announce that for this event we are going to play with Freeman Nesta , Sito Reno and Jantje Plantje to celebrate another special day. We invite you to a super special music event, for celebrating love and light.

“Live multi-instrumental harmonics journey”

at Gaia Nature Spa, Tuesday night from 9pm till 10.30pm.
The SPA will be open as usual from 7.00pm till midnight for herbal steam sauna, cold bath, bonfire, free infused water and fruits.

The live music Journey will host 4 specials guests:
Sito Reno: Voice,ngoni,guitar,flutes shakers
Jantje Plantje: Violin
Freeman Nesta: voice ukulele, guitars, drums, voice.
Davide D’Agostino: Handpan, Bansuri & Shamanic Flutes, Drums

They will perform for you and take you on this wonderful,
ambient harmonic journey!

The cost of this event is 300 THB and includes herbal steam sauna, cold bath, bonfire, water and fruit.

Together we connect with 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and space at the magical land of Gaia Nature Spa to recharge our souls! ♥

click here to be part of the celebration: